Oct. 13th, 2008

Well our trip finished off well.

Friday we went to Disney.  It was so humid and hot.  We got there shortly before noon after enjoying a late breakfast at the hotel.  The first thing that Matt and Emma did was ride the carousel.  She really enjoyed that.  Then we headed over to Ariel's Grotto so Emma could get her picture taken with Ariel.  We stood in line for about 45 minutes before we got to the front.  Emma was pretty restless by the end and so was Maria, but Emma got her picture taken with her.  I tried to talk her into riding Dumbo with me, but that didn't happen.  So we headed in to cool off and for me to feed Maria.  After we were all cooled off we watched the Disney Parade.  This was good for Emma because she got to see all the characters from a distance.  She was not a huge fan of the characters in costumes.  Then it was off to the Tiki Room to see the birds sing.  Emma and Maria both loved it.  We then went to It's a Small World.  I'm not sure what else we did other than riding the train.  Both girls were very good and we have a wonderful time.

Saturday was an early day for all of us since we had a 7:10 am flight.  Maria stayed asleep until we got to the airport and Emma told Daddy "I want to go back to bed".  Mom C dropped us off at the airport around 5:30 am and it was good we were early because we had a terrible time with American when we were checking in.  They kept charging us $25 for our second bag even though we had 3 ticketed passengers and only had 2 bags.  Then we make it to security only to find out that someone from American needed to mark on either Matt or I's ticket that there was an Infant flying.  But once we made it through that it was smooth sailing.  Maria did much better with the flight and we had no problems.  She pretty much slept the whole time.

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Nickelodeon Hotel

Sea World

Kennedy Space Center

Disney Magic Kingdom

Oct. 9th, 2008

Our trip got a little bit of a rough start.  Maria did really good until our decent into Florida.  I tried nursing her and giving her a pacifier, but she wasn't interested and was very unhappy.  She was okay once we were on the ground, but by the time we got to the hotel she was over tired and EXTREMEMLY irritable.  Once she was settled she fell fast asleep for the night. 

We are having a great time here in Florida.

The girls were both really good yesterday at Sea World.  We got free admission and parking and 20% off while we were there since Matt is an AB employee. We got to see the Shamu show Believe.  Emma and Maria were both captivated by it.  We also saw the Sharks, Penguins and Clydesdales.  We didn't see much else because we then went to have dinner with Shamu.  Emma liked it very much except when Shamu started splashing.  The food was very good also.

Today Mom C and I are at the hotel so Matt could go down to Cape Canaveral.  The Nickelodean hotel we are staying in is awesome.  Definitely good for Emma the age she is.  Since she is so into Noggin.  She got to see Dora and Diego today, but wouldn’t go up to them.  They have a really nice pool, but the water is warmer than bath water so not very refreshing.  A lady that works here was talking to Emma yesterday and asked if it was her birthday and Emma told her “September 5th”.  So we saw her again today and she gave her a really big Dora & Boots for a late birthday present.

Tomorrow may be Disney.

Oct. 2nd, 2008

Hello October and beautiful weather.  It is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Obviously everyone who knows me knows how closely breast cancer has hit close to home.  My wonderful and amazingly strong Mother In Law and Aunt Lou are survivors.  Here is a song that I heard shortly after I found out that my Mother In Law had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


Tough - Craig Morgan

She’s in the kitchen at the crack of dawn
Bacon’s on, coffee’s strong
Kids running wild, taking off their clothes
If she’s a nervous wreck, well it never shows
Takes one to football and one to dance
Hits the Y for aerobics class
Drops by the bank, stops at the store
Has on a smile when I walk through the door
The last to go to bed, she’ll be the first one up
And I thought I was tough

She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down
She can take anything life dishes out
There was a time
Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough

We sat there five years ago
The doctors let us know, the test showed
She’d have to fight to live, I broke down and cried
She held me and said it’s gonna be alright
She wore that wig to church
Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt
No room for fear, full of faith
Hands held high singing Amazing Grace
Never once complained, refusing to give up
And I thought I was tough

She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down
She can take anything life dishes out
There was a time
Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough

She’s a gentle word, the sweetest kiss
A velvet touch against my skin
I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her break
But in my eyes, she’ll always be strong

There was a time
Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough

Oct. 1st, 2008

Every time I hear this song on the radio I think about the days that my little girls were born.  I love it and didn't realize until I googled it, that it was a George Strait song.  My beautiful babies are truly a miracle.

George Strait ....I Saw God Today

I just walked down the street to the coffee shop
had to take a break
I'd been by her side for eighteen hours straight
I saw a flower growing in the middle of the sidewalk
pushing up through the concrete
like it was planted right there for me to see
the flashin' lights, the honkin' horns
all seemed to fade away
in the shadow of that hospital at 5:08
I saw God today

I've been to church
I've read the book
I know He's here, but I don't look
near as often as I should
Yeah, I know I should
His fingerprints are everywhere
I'd just slow down to stop and stare
opened my eyes and man I swear
I saw God today

I saw a couple walking by they were holding hands
Man, she had that glow
yeah I couldn't help but notice she was starting to show
it stood there for a minute takin' the sky
lost in that sunset
a splash of amber melted in the shades of red


I got my face pressed up against the nursery glass
She's sleeping like a rock
My name on her wrist wearing tiny pink socks
She's got my nose, she's got her mama's eyes
My brand new baby girl
She's a miracle
I saw God today

Sept. 29th, 2008

Matt and I just celebrated our anniversary.  We went to dinner by ourselves which was really nice.  Emma was spending the week with her Memaw and Papa C (she had a blast) and Maria was with Memaw and Papa S.  We were even able to get Maria's Christening gown and a new dress for Emma while we were out.

We met Mom and Dad C in Springfield for a Route 66 Car Show and to pick up our little girl.  We had a nice time there and the weather was beautiful.  Unfortunately, Emma got sick while we were there.  Sunday Matt dropped Maria and I off and then took Emma to Urgent Care.  Poor baby has bronchitis and she has this terrible cough.  She has been acting a little bit better today and hasn't ran fever.

We also got news last week that we do not have to move Maria's Baptism.  We thought we would have to move it because they called to reschedule, but they were able to work it out so we don't.  Thank goodness and I'm am so happy they were able to make it work for us.

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