April 5th, 2010

I am beginning to think our website needs a new layout.  I don't keep up with it and think maybe if I just set it up for me to blog it might be better.  Matt isn't going to do it and blogging as though I am the girls just means one more step for me.  Stay tuned to see if I actually update it.

Today is our niece Katie's 6th birthday.  I can't believe she is 6 already.  Time sure flies.

Tomorrow we are taking Maria to the pulmonologist.  Hopefully we can get some resolution on the cough she has had for the last 3 months.  It has been really bad the last week, but I think we are climbing the hill again to some relief.  It seems this cough ebbs & flows. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like the cough we all had when we had the H1N1 flu last October.

Emma is doing great.  She has been growing like a weed lately.  I swear she has grown 2 inches since Christmas.  I guess she is making up for the fact that she wore 18 month clothes for what seemed like a complete year.  Now she is already too tall for 4T jeans.

Matt has been swamped at work.  He appears to enjoy it so no complaints.  I am thankful he has a job and that I get to be with my girls all day long.  Some days I am ready for 6 so that he is home & I can have a break.

I am keeping busy with my work as well.  Just finished up one website so the client can review & waiting to begin one more for sure.  I love it.  It keeps me involved in something that isn’t totally revolved around the girls and I can do it all from home.  I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Well that is about it.  Again stay tuned for an updated website layout.