June 9th, 2009

I have been really bad about updating our family site lately.  I'm sorry for that.

We have been so busy and I haven't updated in awhile.  So here is what has happened in the last month or so.

The Cardinal and Cub fans enjoyed another enjoyable day at Busch Stadium.  It was much more enjoyable this year for the Cardinal fans than last year.  The Cardinals beat the Cubs and Albert Pujols hit a Grand Slam.  We had to sit in two separate sections due to the size of our group but it was still a lot of fun.  Emma and Maria were really good during the game.  Maria basically started walking this weekend too.  She was taking 10-15 steps at a time and started walking all out about a week later.

Before we knew it, it was time to celebrate Maria's 1st birthday.  We got pictures taken of the girls at the Botanical Gardens by my boss's son-in-law who is a photographer (http://www.benjaminmarkphotography.com).  If you look at the Galleries, there are a couple of pictures of my girls.  Maria is under the Babies section and Emma is under the Children.  We also celebrated that weekend with my parents, Adam and Autumn.  Autumn wasn't able to be here for the party because she was in one of her mommy's friends weddings.

Memorial Day weekend is when we held her actual 1st Birthday party.  It was also a Surprise 50th Birthday party for my mom.  We had so much fun and Maria got a lot of nice gifts.  I am working on the Thank You Cards.

Matt and I left on May 26th for Punta Cana Dominican Republic to celebrate my "30th" birthday and 5 year anniversary a year late.  We had an awesome time and much needed rest and relaxation.  Mom C stayed with the girls for the week so we knew they were in good hands, but mommy still missed them very much and made sure we called EVERY day.  While we were in Punta Cana, we did a Outback Safari and it was awesome.  The tour guide was very knowledgeable.  We got to have a traditional Dominican lunch that tasted fabulous.  Matt and I also got a couples massage (our first massage ever) and we really liked that.  I laughed a lot thinking about Matt, but it was very relaxing.  The oil from the massage however caused us both to get burnt.  Up to this point we had not gotten any color at all.  We stayed at the Riu Punta Cana Palace.  It was absolutely amazing.  The staff was very friendly and the food was outstanding.  Our only complaints wer that the couch smelled very badly from people sitting in their wet suits we assume and the door to the bathroom had shoe polish on it to fill in the scuffs.  Matt also had a pillow that smelled bad.

Emma's last day of school was June 1st.  It was sad seeing all the kids in her class and the teacher's for the last time until next year.  Emma loved her teacher's Miss Cindy and Miss Kristen.  She is very excited that Miss Cindy will be one of her teacher's next year.  Emma and Maria will be going to school in the fall.  Maria always wanted to stay so we just signed them both up.

We decided to sign Emma up for Dance and Tumbling at The Dance House this summer to see if she likes it.  So far she seems to, but she really doesn't tell us what she is learning.  I'm not sure I'm a Dance Mom or not, but will do it if she likes it.

Well that's about it and I'm out of things I think.