Dec. 18th, 2008

Well we finally made the family trek to go visit Santa at St. Claire Square.  Emma has been so excited about it lately.  She even had to call both Memaw's and let them know that she heard them singing about Santa on the radio last Saturday.

We were very shocked when we walked up because there was no line waiting for their turn for Santa's lap and eager ear for the Christmas wishes.  I walked up with Emma and Maria.  Emma was really shaking and starting to get upset.  I sat Maria down right next to Santa and she proceeded to freak out.  She was screaming so hard that her face turned beat red.  Of course this sent Emma into a tantrum.  However we were able to calm them both down and get a family picture with Santa.  Emma did tell Santa that her Christmas wish is for a Blue and White Airplane like at Memaw's house.  He asked her if she was a good girl and if she helped mommy with her sister and her and I both told him that she has been.

There would be a picture here, but the people that took it apparently ejected the Jump Drive before the picture was fully loaded on it.  It wouldn't be a big deal had we not paid for it.