Nov. 25th, 2008

Emma, Maria, Schatzi and I made a trip up to see the Bleckiner family at my Aunt Linda and Uncle George's in Frankfort.  We had a good visit.  Maria and Sarah played with each other very well.  Hannah and Emma were very excited to see each other and only created a little trouble.  Jennifer and I took Hannah and Emma to Choo Choo Johnny's.  They really liked that and the food was really good.  Some time after we got back the two of them found a pair of nail scissors and used them on each other.  We noticed a ton of hair all over Emma and couldn't figure out why.  Well the bedroom floor was covered in hair and Emma has a short spot.  We almost died from laughter.

I started this with the good from our trip, but also want to ask for thoughts and prayers for Sarah again.  Unfortunately the last few days she has started having spasms again.  I am copying a note in that Jennifer wrote because she is better at explaining what is going on.  I can't really put into words the emotion that I felt after Jennifer told me they were back.  Thank you in advance for all the thoughts and prayers.

Love, Amanda

Jennifer's Note:

Well, Sarah has begun having spasms again. The neurologist had told us that if she was going to get them again, it would probably happen before she turned a year old. Since she's about 2 weeks from her birthday, wouldn't you know they'd turn up again! We are currently in IL, visiting my Mom and Dad. We came down so I could go to the ASHA convention. The neurologist increased her seizure meds and is ordering an EEG to be done in Marquette when we go home. We are going home tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks. Love, Jen :)