Oct. 28th, 2008

Emma, Maria and I went swimming today at the Rec Center Toddler Time.  I brought Maria's float ring along.  The little pumpkin started walking around in the water in it since I had her where her little feet could touch.  She has really busy feet so I should have expected it since I got several months of feet in the ribs and kidney.

Emma’s ENT visit went well.  I was concerned about the tubes being in her ears still.  I didn’t even have to let him know I was concerned.  He said the tubes are working their way out and are only in the ear canal.  So this winter will be a real test to see if she ends up with ear infections again.  He said that he could pull the tubes out, but that would only upset her and they weren’t causing any problems where they are.

I did feel bad when we pulled in the Doctor’s parking lot to go in Emma started crying “I don’t want any holes.”  She has been saying that since she went for her 3 year checkup and got her flu shot.  She got that from her wimp Daddy.  His arms were covered from the shoulder to the wrist in poison ivy and he opted only for the oral Prednisone and not the shot too.